Our Chrismon Tree is in the foyer of the Sanctuary.

Chrismons are Christmas decorations made with Christian symbols. They are traditionally white and gold. White is the liturgical color for Christmas and symbolizes that Jesus was pure and perfect. Gold symbolizes Jesus’ majesty and glory.

The White Rose is a symbol for purity and also represents Mary.
The Shepherd’s Staff reminds that Jesus called himself a shepherd. It also represents the shepherds who were the first people told about the birth of Jesus.
The Scroll represents the Bible.
The Heart is a symbol of love and reminds Christians that God is love.
The Fish is one of the oldest Christian symbols. The letters, from the Greek word for fish (ichthus), stand for Jesus (I), Christ (X), God (Q), Son (Y), Savior (S). Some of Jesus' disciples were fishermen.
The Crown is the symbol that Jesus is King. It shows that Christians believe Jesus is ruler over heaven and the earth.
The Angel reminds Christians of the angels who told the shepherds about the birth of Jesus. It also represents the second coming of Jesus, which the Bible says will start with an Angel blowing a trumpet.
The Anchor Cross reminds Christians that Jesus is the anchor of their faith.
Alpha and Omega are the first and the last letters of the Greek alphabet. Used together, they are the symbols that show Jesus is the beginning and end of all things.
The Eight Pointed Star represents baptism and regeneration.
The Five Pointed Star represents the five wounds of Jesus on the cross.
The Shell is a symbol for baptism. It reminds Christians of the water in which they are baptized. It is also a sign of Pilgrimage, as Pilgrims to the Holy Land (Israel) would use a shell as a drinking vessel.
The Triquerta represents the Christian "Trinity" of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The Triquerta is made of three loops making a triangle representing the three parts of the trinity.
The Lamb is a symbol for Jesus who is sometimes called "The Lamb of God."