Christmas Eve Service Offering

Expanding Aya Farms in North Macedonia

Creating economic opportunity and improving food security.

The Christmas Eve Offering will help expand Aya Farms, providing economic stability to the world’s poor. Please join us to help fulfill the Luke 14 vision of building a bigger table and Jesus’ call to feed those who are hungry (Matthew 25:40).

Give online drop your offering in one of the offering plates at the service or at the church office.

Jeff and Alicia Lee are field personnel with CBF serving in Skopje, Macedonia. Among her ministry roles, Alicia serves as school counselor attending to the mental, emotional and physical needs of children who live in poverty. Jeff’s agricultural work includes a cow bank that provides livestock to local farmers through a small business development program. Aya impacts multiple communities by helping to provide economic opportunity and nutrient dense milk.

Aya Farms has served as a local “Cow Bank” in rural Macedonia for the past five years. It has loaned 37 cows to local farmers with the requirement that when that cow has a calf, the calf will be gifted back to Aya Farm.
Milk production and dairy products are the primary goods produced and include milk, two types of cheeses, butter, yogurt, sour cream. They deliver daily to 200 families and sell wholesale to a supermarket chain and six other stores.

Cow from Aya Farm

You can help the Lees build beloved community among the world’s poor by creating opportunities for new jobs that pay a living wage and equipping them with more resources to strengthen their economic capabilities.

Their goal is to raise $40,000 (from partner churches) for building a new barn and to purchase eight more cows to expand the operations of Aya Farm.