Church-Wide Retreat

For the Living of these Days

September 23-25, 2022
T Bar M

Adults: $150, Kids: $130, Max per family: $300

Deadline to register: Wednesday, September 7

One Woodland Waiver per person is needed per calendar year. Please have these filled out by Wednesday, September 21.

We need the T Bar M Waiver (one per person) turned in to the church office by Wednesday, September 21.


The Church retreat is back this year! Make plans now to join us in New Braunfels at T Bar M September 23-25. This is for all ages. There is something for everyone. The camp is accessible and fun for all.

“For the Living of these Days”

Our theme for the All Church Retreat this year is “For the Living of these Days.” The church is the last place in our society where it is acceptable and even encouraged for people of various generations to interact and build relationships. This proves difficult to create community over and against the generational boundaries that invariably are defined by vast differences in values and practices.

And yet, this is the shape Christ’s Spirit gives to the Church. We are One. And we are many. Because people are living so much longer we are entering a new era in the church where the body of Christ stretches across more generations than ever. It is possible that most churches contain 3-4 generations of one family.

This fall, let’s reflect on the nature of community as we build it together. Let’s consider the beautiful tapestry of Christ’s body that is alive in us. And through this mosaic community let us see more clearly the God who shapes us and redeems us.

Kevin Gardner-Sinclair is our guest speaker. Kevin is the Senior Pastor of Broadway Baptist Church in Louisville, KY. He also spent over 10 years working with students at South Main Baptist Church in Houston. His experience working with students, parents, and congregants of all ages has led him to study the impact of intergenerational community.

Michelle Shackleford will be our guest musician & yoga instructor. She will lead us in music in our big group sessions, and she’s willing to lead yoga classes each morning.