A Ministry of Christian Education

The Woodland Church

Woodland’s Education Committee is committed to providing learning opportunities for biblical and spiritual instruction such as Bible classes, retreats, The Forum, quarterly Bible studies by our Pastor & Staff, The Summit, Oikonomos, Spiritual Direction groups and more. Please let the Education Committee know if there is something it can do to assist or enhance your calling in Christ Jesus.

Committee Members are: Barbara Higdon (Chair), Gwen Kandt, Mark Noblitt, Lynn Teel, Katie Wilke, and Mike Massar (Staff Liaison)


What Do We Know About the Bible?

Take a Biblical Literacy Test below and privately assess your own Biblical Literacy.

Biblical Literacy Test

The Woodland Church

  1. List the four Gospels.
  2. Give the books of the Torah.
  3. What is the book of history in the New Testament?
  4. What are considered the books of history in the Old Testament?
  5. What are the letters attributed to Paul in the New Testament?
  6. List the major prophets.
  7. What are the books known as the Pastoral Epistles in the New Testament?
  8. List the minor prophets.
  9. What are considered the General Epistles in the New Testament?
  10. What books are considered apocalyptic?
  11. What are the books of poetry in the Old Testament?
  12. List the beatitudes in order.
  13. What are considered the “fruits of the Spirit”?
  14. List the ten commandments in order.
  15. What books contain the Lord’s Prayer?
  16. What books contain the Ten Commandments?