“The triune God is still calling our Fellowship to be the presence of Christ in the hardest places in the world. Why should we give to the
Offering for Global Missions? Because presence matters and our gifts make presence possible.”

Steven Porter
CBF Global Missions Coordinator


“When I came to the U.S., everything was challenging. I had to learn everything. Even the language was a barrier because I couldn’t
communicate. I experienced God’s love through other people. When we fled, we didn’t have anything but because God sent us people, we
had something.”

Fort Worth, Texas


“Gifts to the Offering allow me to develop lasting relationships. Presence matters because God loves the world, and we are all God’s
children. Gifts to the Offering fund my presence at Grace & Main to extend the hope of Christ to beloved children of God who are unseen
and uncared for by society.”

Jessica Hearne
CBF Field Personnel, Grace & Main Fellowship
Danville, Va.


“CBF’s impact in Macedonia has always been around transformational development, whether it be in education and farming and the lives of
children or other marginalized people group. It’s been incredible to be part of renewing God’s world through something like farming.”

Jeff and Alicia Lee
CBF Field Personnel
Skopje, Macedonia