Wednesday, April 27 we are starting a new experiment in Wednesday church.

6 PM Dinner and Enneagram Study

RSVP for Velvet Tacos — (Chicken, pork, or veggie) with chips and queso. $10/person with a $30 max/family. Let us know if you need a gluten-free option. Childcare is available upon RSVP.

Lynn Teel will be leading us as we dig into the Enneagram.

What is the Enneagram?

It’s a powerful tool for self-discovery and spiritual transformation.

So it’s kind of like a personality test?

Sort of.

The Enneagram is divided into nine distinct personality types. As you read the descriptions of each, you may discover that you feel deep resonance with one or many of the different types. In fact, all of us have a little bit of each one inside us.

The Enneagram is not just a personality typing system. Yes, there are tests and quizzes that help you identify your primary Enneagram type, but that is often just the first step. While self-discovery is important, it is not the Enneagram’s final objective.

Why are we doing this?

The Enneagram’s purpose is to help us uncover the traps that keep us from living fully and freely as our True Self so that we will use our unique, authentic gifts for the good of others and the world.