Larkspur Ministry

Since 2007, adults from Woodland Baptist have participated in partnership with the Kids’s Hope USA mentoring program to provide mentoring once a week (no more than one hour) with a mentor – a mentor who is there just for them. This one-on-one attention can make a world of difference for a student in need of another caring and consistent adult in their life.

It is an opportunity to build community relations by serving in real and tangible ways by building relationships that support students to thrive. It requires a background check necessary for volunteers in the school and a commitment on your part, but the rewards of being a mentor that can help enrich an elementary student’s life and provide support to a school staff dedicated to helping their students succeed make your effort a worthwhile endeavor.


One Mentor. One Student. One Hour a Week.

Prayer Partner
Partner with one mentor/mentee and pray for them.

Prayer Partner Coordinator
Coordinate Prayer Partners

Does this mission outreach opportunity interest you?

Find out more from Lance Mayes.

Woodland’s Larkspur Ministry is not just KidsHope; it is so much more.

Woodland each year provides:

  • KidsHope Mentors
  • KidsHope Prayer Partners
  • Teacher and Staff Appreciation
  • Various items like coats, pajamas, and hygiene kits
  • Numerous volunteers for a variety of activities

Take a look to see where you can be involved in our Larkspur Ministry. Contact Patty Villarreal or Lance Mayes to get more info.

Background Checks

Every adult who works with minors through Woodland needs a Woodland Background Check; please request one with the form below. KidsHope mentors and prayer partners need to go through KidsHope training. (Prayer Partners do not need the background checks unless they choose to work with minors.) Those who serve at Larkspur will also need an NEISD Background Check. Each time you visit the school, you check in at the office and they will scan your driver’s license and give you a visitor badge.

Other Larkspur Ministry Opportunities

Quick and Easy

  • Join the Larkspur PTA as a member (investment is $7.50)
  • Make copies for teachers
  • Open car doors – Daily 7:00am-7:30am
  • Be extra eyes in cafeteria/recess/hallways
  • Be a Watch DOG for a day
  • Volunteer at the NEISD PTA Clothes Closet
  • Help organize the Larkspur Clothes Closet
  • Help work a booth at a school festival
  • Sell items at special events


  • Mentor a student (KidsHope)
  • Volunteer in the Larkspur office
  • Spend time helping in Kindergarten or Pre-K
  • Help with gardening and landscaping
  • Organize supplies/uniforms and/or distribute during the first 2 weeks of school
  • Shelve books in the library
  • Be a room parent/volunteer
  • Volunteer with Snack Pak 4 Kids to distribute weekly food for needy families
  • Teach children an enrichment class for one week (during an intercession). Click here to fill out a form if you are interested.


  • Watch DOGS (Dads of Great Students) Coordinator
  • Room Parent/Volunteer Coordinator
  • Volunteer for PTA Board Position (President, Vice President, Secretary)