Woodland Mission Trips

Woodland mission trips focus on:

  • learning about a culture
  • people
  • God
  • serving

We go at the invitation of those already there and do what they want us to do. We learn about the culture, history, and current events and issues.

Mission Trips 2024

Texas Border — April 28 – May 2

We are going to the border to Harlingen, McAllen, and Brownsville. Click here for more information.

Elket Rodriguez, CBF Field Personnel, will be our guide as we see what it going on first hand.

  • Going to the border wall
  • Going to several respite centers
  • Going to immigration court
  • Meeting with Border Patrol Agents
  • Visiting with migrants
  • Serving

Mexico City — July 14 – 22

We will learn about the culture of Mexico with Nora Lozano and serve with Javier Perez at EduK.

Mission Trips 2023

Texas Border — Spring

We went in March March 2023 to learn about immigration and serve. Click here to learn more about our experience (scroll down).

We also went to Brownsville three times (in May, August, and October) to serve with Pastor Carlos Navarro. We are planning other trips to Brownsville to serve in the 2024.

North Macedonia

We went to North Macedonia in July 2023.

We worked with Jeff Lee (Alicia and Ethan were in the US). We did what they do: work at a dairy farm, serve at a group home for adults with cognitive disabilities, and serve with the Macedonia Food Bank. We learned about culture and ate the best ice cream in the world and went to an apple orchard.

Our next trip to North Macedonia will be in 2025.

Mission Trip Possibilities

North Macedonia

We’ve taken three groups to North Macedonia to work with Jeff and Alicia Lee.

In North Macedonia, we learned about the culture and the people groups that live there. We visited Orthodox Churches and Mosques. We visited museums and the market.

We saw the work that Jeff and Alisha are engaged in and joined in serving.

  • Poraka is a group home for adults with cognitive disabilities. We did crafts with them, watched them perform a dance, took them bowling, and played games with them.
  • The Macedonia Food Bank delivers food to those in need. We boxed food and delivered the boxes.
  • The Aya Farm features the Cow Bank that produces milk, butter, cheese, and they grow fruits and vegetables. We stained the barn, brought in the cows, and shared a meal with the family that lives at the farm.
  • We worshiped with RETO and saw the work they do. RETO is a home for men recovering from addictions.
  • We worked with a Foster Group Home just getting started and was about to have their first placement. We mowed the grass and put furniture together.

Mexico City

We took our first group to Mexico City in 2019 with Nora Lozano and Javier Perez. Lance when to Mexico City in October 2022 and worked with EduK Child Strategies.

We helped train preschool teachers at the very beginning of EduK. Now, EduK has their own Child Development Center. We had a medical clinic where every child received a physical and mental health evaluation. The moms also received a mental health evaluation. We also leveled ground, spread top soil and mulch, and planted vegetables and herbs.

In learning about culture, we explored the Presidential Palace, the Anthropology Museum, pyramids, Angel of Independence, markets, Chapultepec Park and castle, Coyoacan and Frida Kahlo’s house, Dolores Olmedo Patiño Museum Garden. We also ate great food.

We are looking at our next trip to Mexico City in 2024.

Texas-Mexico Border

We have multiple opportunities to learn and serve on the border.

We took a trip this past spring to the Texas Border with Elket Rodrígez and CBF to learn and serve. We will be planning more of these experiences.

Click here to see ways you can volunteer in Brownsville to help meet urgent needs.

Fredricksburg, Virginia & Washington DC

This is a new area for us. CBF Field Personnel Greg and Sue Smith serve there among immigrants. Greg has been trained through ISAAC to help people legally and Sue is a licensed social worker. Woodland supports Greg and Sue financially each month.

This trip will feature learning more about immigrants and Advocacy and working alongside Greg and Sue.