Texas Border Trip

Sunday, April 28 – Thursday, May 2

$450 + Meals

We’re going to the Texas Border to learn first-hand what is going on.

The trip to the Texas Border last March changed my perspective. I knew from reading and watching the news that the US Immigration System is broken. It seems both sides of the aisle are not doing what is best for the immigrants or citizens – both seem to be using immigrants for political gain. I have huge problems with that. They don’t seem to remember that we are talking about people, human beings, who think, feel, act, and relate. Our immigration system is broken and has been for a very long time.

My trip to the Border last March really opened my eyes. I heard from two border patrol agents how they have PTSD from the things they’ve seen. They are human with feelings and emotions. I heard the story of a young couple’s traumatic journey through the Darién Gap. I saw respite centers gently and lovingly providing for migrants. I saw the City of Brownsville do all it could to help migrants alongside non-profits and churches. I now have a more informed view of immigration that has given me greater compassion for migrants, border patrol, and nonprofit workers.

Lance Mayes
Associate Pastor of Community Engagement
Woodland Church, San Antonio

Our goals for the trip:

  1. To understand the border context: Experience the realities of border communities and learn to dispel border myths.
  2. To witness God’s work at the border: Witness welcoming communities serving migrants biblically and steadfastly.
  3. To advocate for immigration reform: Discern how to practice impactful welcoming and advocacy.

We will:

  • Go to Harlingen, McAllen, & Brownsville
  • Talk with Border Patrol
  • Observe Immigration Court
  • Visit Respite Centers
  • Visit the Border Wall

John Whisler wrote about his experience on our March 2023 Texas Border Trip. Click here to read about John Whisler’s experience.

We will have some things to read and do before we go. Here are two articles and a book that we read for our March 2023 trip.

If you can get a copy of the book Christians at the Border by M. Daniel Carroll R. (it is no longer in print), please read it. I found a used copy at Amazon. You can get a digital copy through Apple Books.