Ministry Teams

Where every member is a minister

At Woodland, we try to be a people of hope seeking in all our gatherings, all our words, and all our acts to proclaim Christ’s love. We believe to do so, we need to listen to God, share with each other, and get organized. Ministry Teams are not governing boards. Ministry Teams are spiritual groups made up of of disciples of Christ who meet together to pray, get to know each other, and carry out the work of the church.

As Teams and as a church, we want to invite, transform, and send out disciples. To do that, we need Teams to work together and pray together. We believe that if we are listening to God’s call together, we will better be able to discern God’s vision for ministry through the people of Woodland.


A Ministry Team is very limited in scope. The focus of the Ministry Team is on “doing” a specific ministry.

  • Participation in a Ministry Team is based soley on the interest of church members and most have no limit on participation.
  • There are no limits on how long a person can participate in a Ministry Team.
  • Each Ministry Team falls under the umbrella of one of the 12 standing committees and keeps their “parent” committee informed of their activities.
  • Any church member may, with prior church approval, start a Ministry Team which they feel called.

The Committee on Committees is looking for members who would like to participate in Woodland’s lay leadership through Ministry Team membership. If you have an interest and would like to volunteer for any of the opportunities listed below, please complete this form.