Oikonomos Sunday School

Please join us for Woodland Seminar Series.  The class will meet in Maresh Hall at 9:45 am (during Sunday School).  It is sponsored by our Woodland Oikonomos Ministry Team and identifies a long-overlooked requirement of Christian Stewardship.  Our focus will be God’s command and expectation that humanity will take care of God’s World.

The series is entitled:  “Whose World?” and the lessons focus on the following topics:

  1. Sunday, April 24th  God’s Creation:  Christian Scripture and Values
  2. Sunday,  May 1st  God’s Creation:  Why the Facts Matter
  3. Sunday, May 8th  God’s Creation:  Let’s Be Honest
  4. Sunday, May 15th God’s Creation:  Why We Can’t Wait

This is not a political agenda or a science class.  We will continue to focus on what God requires of us, as God’s people.  Some Sunday School classes have decided to join us for the month, and all individuals are welcome.  Please join us in studying God’s Word, celebrating God’s Creation, and learning more about our God-given responsibility to care for it.

Week 1 Resources

Week 2 Resources

Week 3 Resources

Week 4 Resources